My Top 6 Tea Gifts for Christmas

This magical time of the year is near again. And even though Christmas is not at all about presents, but I hope that my suggestions will inspire and help you step into the shoes of this year’s festive mood. Let the act of giving bring us closer to the loved ones!

IMG_5503-16 Think outside the box: DYI tea filters

I call them retro because these paper filters look like something your auntie or grandma used to do decades ago. And yet, retro is back! One tea shop in Lithuania sticks a short wooden skewer through paper filters and your tea is ready to brew. So simple, so natural.

Spotted in: Chaika, Vilnius, Lithuania



White chocolate with rooibos tea in front and milk chocolate with Sencha

5 Chocolate is always a good idea

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Okay, there might be a few but we can change their minds by getting them tea-flavoured chocolates. In Belgium Café-Tasse or Dolfin sell chocolate and tea mixes, like white chocolate with rooibos tea or milk chocolate with sencha. Now is the perfect occasion to indulge yourself in both treats at a time… and treat someone else!

Spotted in: Brussels, Belgium

Budget: €


A set of Lithuanian honey tea4 Invite for a cuppa honey tea

Everyone knows that tea tastes good with a spoonful of honey, but not many have tried the other way around. Surprise someone and treat them with so called honey tea: honey flavoured with herbal teas. No extra sugar needed!

Spotted in: Lithuania



img_43613 Make a tea scented soap (or eventually get one)

How about extending the holiday fragrance to new scents like tea? Apparently, it’s quite easy to make a tea scented soap at home. A Lady in France provides a step-by-step guide with photos how to make a green tea scented soap. But if you are racing against time, you can also find one you like in your city’s Christmas market.

Spotted in: Christmas market, Brussels, Belgium

Budget: €


teacuplamps-collage2 Decorate someone’s house with this cute lamp

Have a friend who adores stylish decor details? Here’s my unusual discovery: a slightly peculiar (side table) lamp.

Spotted in: Art et Lumiere Christophe de Diesbach, Brussels, Belgium

Budget: €€-€€€


dsc_0171-21 Share a tea drinking experience

Experiences are by far best gifts. Why not share a traditional tea ceremony with someone special? My unforgettable memories of Chinese tea ceremony are wrapped up in this blogpost.

Spotted in: Arbatos magija, Vilnius, Lithuania

Budget: €€-€€€

Didn’t find quite what you like? There’s some more to the list:


My blogpost in 2014: 6 TEA GIFTS TO BUY THIS CHRISTMAS

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