6 Tea Gifts to Buy This Christmas

Wondering what to buy for Christmas this year? Have a friend who drinks tea? Cold and dark winter evenings are perfect for a catch up with an old friend over a nice cup of tea. But what to choose from a variety of things weighing all those shop shelves? Here is my suggestion list for all those looking for a great tea gift this year!

1. Advent calendar to ease the final Christmas countdownMy first cup of tea from the advent calendar. 24 more to go!

Last year I got this awesome tea calendar with 25 small animated boxes each containing an organic tea blend. It’s a very simple but great gift idea which makes the waiting of festivities much more exciting. For inspiration: check English Tea Shop.

2. Creative teapot for cheerful tea drinking

If you have a friend just like me who loves drinking loose-leaf tea, a funny teapot for Christmas can end all your what-to-buy headaches. Earlier this year I have compiled a list of teapots that will certainly crack a smile on your friend’s face when opened.

3. Teabag box for teabag lovers

Even though I don’t really like tea in teabags, but I’ve come across a wooden box organizer for teabags at my friend’s house. It’s a great solution to get rid of paper packages all around the kitchen and display your tea in a single spot. Very practical Christmas present!

4. Cup pads to protect (wooden) tables or office desks

Getting cups and mugs (for all occasions!) don’t surprise anyone anymore. But one probably underrated piece of tea-ware is a cup pad. This is something useful, is fun to have and can be personalised. Here are my two very English cup pads bought in London:

Cup pads

5. Tea thermometer for true experts

I’m positive that this special ‘equipment’ will make any tea lover happy. Making sure you use the right water temperature for a type of tea is essential in order to preserve its best quality and taste, yet this seems to be the most difficult part if you don’t own a thermometer. For inspiration: check Dille & Kamille home shop.

6. Small accessories to complement gifts

Looking for something small to add the final touch? There is a great variety of tiny tea-ware ceramics like cookie plates. I always feel tempted to get one for myself whenever I’m in a shop! This is my last week’s purchase at Dille & Kamille in Brussels:

Ceramic teapot-shaped plate for serving cookies

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