Some people are design freaks, some like cooking. Others can’t live without technology. I’m down-to-earth, I drink tea. And I have this urge to create and publish.

In short, I was raised in a small town in Lithuania where people drink tea 3 times per day after every meal. Where “Let’s meet for a cup of coffee!” actually means having a cup of tea. I’ve started as a regular black-tea-and-condensed-milk drinker. After some time, I’ve switched to green teas realizing that tea is not just a drink after your meal. When I was an exchange student in Austria, I was getting up 10 minutes earlier to rush to the dorm kitchen to boil some water in a pot for my morning tea. Soon I gave up and bought myself an electronic kettle. What a bliss it was!

I have over 20 types of teas bought in Lithuania, Germany, Brazil, The Netherlands, Slovenia, France and Belgium, a special tea pot with thermo glass cups and I proudly welcome my guests asking: “Would you like some tea?”

The idea of having a tea blog was born naturally after my friends were amazed by all kinds of tea I had and how often I would drink it. They have been telling me that I must be a tea expert! Well truth to be told, I do appreciate tea drinking and this blog helps me discover more information, learn about tea and share it with others – occasional tea drinkers or tea enthusiasts. I want to hear your recommendations and suggestions, so please feel free to share any!

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  1. Thanks a lot for your feedback! Great to know there are so many like-minded tea lovers out there 🙂 I definitely add your recommended link to my bookmarks list. Enjoy your cup of tea!

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