Black teas are part of my mornings. Either pure or flavored black tea can indeed wake me up on an early morning and prepare for the day’s challenges. But in the afternoon I just need to add some milk (even better with honey) in the same black tea and voila! – a completely new drink.

  • Black Assam & Ceylon tea blend | India

This tea blend which I’ve bought in Bremen is typical in Northern Germany (aka East Frisia). It’s a mix of two black teas Assam and Ceylon which makes it a very strong black tea. This is why East Frisians drink it with a spoon of white cream and a rock sugar candy called kluntje. There’s a whole ceremony behind preparing and drinking this East Frisian black tea, which you can read in my blogpost: 3 Cups per Break, 4 Breaks per Day or How East Frisians Drink Their Tea.

East Frisian black tea

  • Darjeeling black tea | India

The opposite to the East Frisian black tea blend is this Darjeeling tea which I’ve bought from an Indian seller in London’s market. It’s a soft first flush black tea drunk without any milk (and no need for sugar either!). Darjeeling is considered as one of the most premium black teas also registered as a Protected Geographic Indication (PGI) product by the European Commission. More: India Straight from the London’s Food Market

My shopping - premium black tea from Darjeeling

  • The Miracle of Ghent | The Netherlands

A fragrant black tea blend consisting not only of organic black tea, but also jasmine tea, orange peel, marigold flower, and lavender. It’s a secret recipe by the Dutch tea and coffee company Simon Levelt.

Black tea blend by Simon Levelt secret recipe

  • Coconut & pineapple black tea | The Netherlands

Another black tea blend by the same Dutch name Simon Levelt which specializes in organic teas and coffees. This one is also organic fragrant tea with coconut pieces and a creamy coconut flavor.

Black tea with coconut and pineapple by Simon Levelt


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