My 2016 in review: from tea ceremony to photo shoot to African flavours

2016 in review: top blog posts

Was 2016 a good year? It surely was! Here are your most-read blog posts of the year:

My first Chinese tea ceremony happened to be in Lithuania. And it was the best gift I could wish on my bachelorette! The host of Arbatos magija in Vilnius performed Gong fu tea ceremony tailored for oolong teas. It was a true indulgence in tea aromas, tastes and colours as well as cosy girly conversations…

This year’s blogging ended with a special post about a photo shoot organised by my employer in Namur’s tea shop. The hero of this story, Martine Longrée, opened her tea shop and tea room doors so we could step into the shoes of a small business owner. Give it a read!

Top #3 goes to my tea gift list made for Christmas shoppers. Although Christmas is now over, this idea guide will come in handy when looking for a gift any time of the year.

Africa is often overlooked when we talk about tea producers. One of this continent’s specialities is rooibos also known as red bush tea. Did you know that you can drink it with milk?

In winter those often on the road can get a special healthy drink sold by one gas station chain in Lithuania. Its presentation and “packaging” is worth having a look!


A huge THANKS goes to all my current and new readers and followers this year! Happy New Year 2017 and a happy tea drinking! 🙂

Tell me, what would you like to read about in 2017? Leave your comment below.

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