First Flush vs. Second Flush

First flush tea leavesHave you ever noticed a term “first flush” when buying a box of tea? Have you wondered why in some menus they have a “second flush” tea? What does it all mean and what’s the difference?

Apparently, there are two tea picking seasons in a year. The first one takes place around March or April and the tea picked during this time is called first flush tea. The tea buds are fresh and that’s why your tea will be light, rich and fresh in flavor. The second picking season around May or June gives us older tea leaves which means that we’ll have a chance to enjoy a strong and a little sweeter tea.

First flush tea was considered of a better quality and was preserved for royalty. Today this type of tea is usually more expensive. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you must buy it. It’s up to your taste whether you want a cup of golden, stronger tea or rather mild and fruity aroma.


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