Another Type of Bar in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a lovely city with all these canals, little lights on the streets, passers-by smelling weed, or ice-skating in front of Rijksmuseum. Day or night, summer or winter, there’re always plenty things to do there! One of them is to go for a fancy tea drink in Tea Bar.

Located not far from the central station, Tea Bar is not so easy to come across and here SpottedbyLocals helped us. I was simply stunned by the interior of this place, a wide selection of teas to buy and to drink and many accessories to get for yourself and for a friend as an original gift. A tea filter shaped as a dancing man or a funny dinosaur, unseen tea cups and glasses, high-quality tea pots and even some fancy snacks to go along. Before you decide which tea to buy, you can pick it and bring it upstairs to the second floor where you find a cozy tea room with national and international magazines. A big glass of tea will only cost you about 2 EUR.

You can easily get lost in all those scents of fresh teas and won’t notice the time passing by…

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