Organic Tea Collection from English Tea Shop

I can feel it – spring is here. Even more so with this colourful collection of premium organic teas that smell so much like spring! Let’s get a glimpse of what’s inside the green box.

Thirty individually packed tea bags include:

  • Green tea
  • Green tea with lemongrass and tropical flavours
  • Green tea with pomegranate zest and sweet rose petals
  • White tea
  • White tea with juicy blueberries, aromatic elderflowers and lemongrass
  • Green sencha tea

English Tea Shop from the UK does offer some great gift ideas. A couple of years ago I got an Advent calendar (have a look here) containing some 13 organic tea blends.

But first things first, fair trade and sustainability are the words that define English Tea Shop. Their teas are organic and blended at their own factory in Sri Lanka. They hand pack teas to reduce the carbon footprint. They are certified and do not use any chemical fertilisers or pesticides. They work with small farmers who get a fair pay, and they offer various training programmes to local employees from English and IT to tea tasting and more. All in all, English Tea Shop is all about loving tea and caring about how it arrives to our cups.

So this spring I’ll be enjoying their organic collection of pure Ceylon tea blends coming from Sri Lanka.

Look at this beauty!

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