Ceylon: The Cup That Cheers!

Ceylon black tea is one of the classics. I remember drinking it when I was still living with my parents. Once known for coffee, Sri Lanka has become one of the world’s biggest tea producers and exporters thanks to the Englishmen. And here I am, many years later, standing with a cup of Ceylon again, only this time – straight from Sri Lanka (thanks to my colleague!).

Tea is grown in most of Sri Lanka, but the most famous Ceylon is picked in the highlands. The tropical island provides the perfect climate for the best tea leaf: it’s hot, humid and offers plenty of sunshine.

Ceylon tea is often called the world’s best fruity black tea and is used for blends and fruit-flavoured teas. The best proof is this loose fruit tea collection I have that states it’s pure Ceylon tea packed in Sri Lanka (thanks to my friend for the gift!).

However, 100% pure Ceylon is also a pleasure to drink, either alone or with a dash of milk. My tea guide reveals that Ceylon teas are known as “the cup that cheers.”

So cheers!


Source and history: The Story of Tea by Mary Lou Heiss and Robert J. Heiss (2007)

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