What rocked in 2015? My year of blogging in review

topfive2015In 2015 I’ve added 18 new blogposts, 3 infographics and 70 pictures! Have you read my top five of 2015?

I traveled to Serbia and discovered the oldest tea house in the heart of the capital Belgrade. A place that can be called an oasis in a vibrant city like Belgrade offers premium tea for a good price.

My first infographic was an experiment to compare loose leaf tea to tea in tea bags from popular brands. The results are very interesting!

One of the most authentic places in Vilnius – Chaika – sells originally packed loose leaf tea in tea bags that are easy to use. It’s also the spot for healthy (vegan) food and snacks, premium coffee and live jazz. Do check it out when in Lithuania!

Caffeine is THE topic when it comes to hot and soft drinks. This infographic shows how much caffeine we consume when we drink coca cola, coffee, energy drinks and various teas. And yes, tea contains caffeine!

My milestone trip to Brazil this year was full of new discoveries, among them mate. The consumption of mate – a caffeinated tea drink – is very high in Brazil, especially in its South. Iced mate is always on offer on beaches in Rio. I’ve tried mate in local snack bars (lanchonetes) and brought a pack of it with me for a hot drink.


This year most of my readers came from Belgium. Lithuania, The United States & Serbia were not far behind.

Thank you all for reading, following and sharing! Happy New Year 2016!

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