Make your own Christmas tea!

Christmas carols, Christmas jumpers, Christmas books, cookies and turkeys… But what about Christmas tea? You got it!

You probably know that one of the traditional Christmas treats – gingerbread cookies – are made of dough which is usually spiced with ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and orange zest (remember that awfully good scent?). Same way glühwein or mulled wine is seasoned with cloves, cinnamon, orange or lemon peels, anise and cardamom. Many combinations of these spices exist and this is what we know as the “Christmas scent”.

Many Christmas teas are scented with some or all of these spices as well. Sometimes chocolate shavings or bits are added to it – chocolate goes very well with rooibos tea, by the way. But basically there is no rule which tea can be spiced up: the most common I’ve seen are white, green, rooibos and black teas as well as infusion (aka herbal) teas made specially for Christmas.

Green tea with goji berries, goji berries, apricot seeds, rooibos chai and fruit tea with ginger and lemon.
Clockwise: green tea with goji berries, dried boxthorn berries, dried Chinese apricot seeds, rooibos chai and fruit tea with ginger and lemon.

This season I’ve discovered green tea blend with goji berries (also called wolf-berries or boxthorn fruits) and rooibos chai that’s seasoned with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and some peppercorns. It is in fact very easy to make Christmas tea at home. Among plenty of recipes, I like the Spiced Holiday Tea that’s very simple and quick.

Let’s get into a festive mood by starting with a cup of Christmas tea!

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