The Magic Glass

Imagine a smooth shape with perfect curves. Imagine no unnecessary details, no handles. Imagine holding a transparent glass cup with your favorite tea in it.

First time when I saw this glass cup was in the Tea Bar in Amsterdam. Sometime later I got two of them as a gift. And what strikes me about it is the possibility to hold this hot cup in my hands right after I pour the boiling water in. The double glass layer ‘locks’ your hot drink inside so you won’t burn your hands. Besides, you can enjoy watching the tea leaves floating and the water changing its color… It’s double-walled thermo-glass.

Luckily you can get this magical glass cup for around 10 EUR online. Different sizes are available for tea, espresso or latte. Also different effects of the inside shapes can be found, you’ll be surprised!

Thermo-glass cupThermo-glass cups with tea infusers

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