Flu Season: Keep Calm and Keep Sipping

Been there, done that – the flu has hit me this season and I’m on my way to recovery. No secret that when sick, you need lots and lots of liquids to stay hydrated and to cleanse toxins (and all those viruses) off your body. But water is so boring and tasteless!

So here’s my healthy drink list in case you’ve been hit by flu too:

  • Herbal infusions like thyme will save your throat. Thyme is known for soothing a sore throat as well as alleviating cough symptoms – this infusion was my number one throughout the sickness!
  • Ginger is a magical anti-inflammatory so it’s ideal for flu-caused muscle and joint pain. Its piping hot taste and aroma will relief your congested airways too. It will aid your digestion and improve your stomach performance in case you’ve got an upset tummy… Plus it’s full of vitamin C and other minerals! Just take some ginger root, peel it, thinly slice it and boil for about 10 minutes
  • Raspberry jam and/or leaf infusion acts like aspirin – increases sweating and urination but reduces fever and pain. It is also antibacterial in nature so it helps when sick with common cold, flu or bronchitis. Drinking raspberry infusion brings back my childhood memories when my parents would make it for me to fight seasonal flu… 
  • Sea buckthorn is a great source of vitamins and minerals that aid our immune system. If your mother or grandmother have made some sea buckthorn jam, go get it and make yourself a warm infusion
  • Rooibos or the redbush tea (which is not camellia sinensis) is absolutely caffeine-free and, thus, safe to drink as much as you want
  • Honey and warm water mixture is simple and effective before heading to bed. I prefer a glass of warm milk with honey. Either way, they say it’ll help you sleep better and you need that quality sleep when being sick

So keep sipping that tea and get well!

Do you have your go-to drink to fight winter illnesses and blues? Leave a comment below!

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