Sipping Japanese tea in Little Venice (aka Colmar)

L'Essence du The in ColmarIf you don’t know yet that France has its own Venice, I suggest you pay a visit – it’s almost as pretty and it’s not so far away!

It was my second time in Colmar this summer and I already knew most of the sights and streets. But on my first visit, I’ve missed out this pretty little tea boutique which I was lucky to discover this time.

L’Essence du Thé is a professional teashop and tearoom right in the heart of Colmar’s hustle and bustle welcoming both tourists and locals since 2008. Its name simply means “the essence of tea” which is as simple as “the leave, the water and the cup”. All these three elements, when chosen well and prepared in a right way, will make it worthwhile.

I was stunned by their tea menu – they offer well over 200 teas – so I had to get one of their staff to help me choose! Green Japanese tea Night Shadow Shizuoka filled my cup that afternoon. Pale green colour and light taste, it was a perfect match to go with a sweet matcha cake.

Shizuoka is among the most characteristic Japanese teas, tasting of green vegetables like spinach or green asparagus and marine notes (iodine, algae). It is particularly refreshing and tonic and is a good accompaniment to a seafood dish or fresh goat cheese.

L'Essence du The in ColmarL'Essence du The in ColmarIMG_7878IMG_7880L'Essence du The in ColmarL'Essence du The in ColmarL'Essence du The in Colmar

Stop by L’Essence du Thé
Address: 38b, rue des Marchands, 68000 Colmar

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