Crêpes, beach and tea in Dunkirk

Dunkirk (or Dunkerque) is a French city near the Belgian border. If you ever get to pass by, do stop there for a portion of crêpe, a cup of tea and some beach!

20150704_165926-2Dunkirk wasn’t on our “must-see” list either. A small city on the French coast was on the way as we were searching for a beach to lay down and enjoy a sunny Saturday. We did find a beach there, but before that we’ve also discovered La Palmeraie, an exotic tea-room (or salon de thé) run by a cute elderly couple. As the name suggests, the place has an exotic character to it: decorated with palm flowers, colorful vintage wallpapers, animal toys and even a special table under the bamboo roof. Something tells me the owners have been to a jungle 🙂

I’ve decided to list this tea place on my blog because they offer 20150704_165411-2good loose leaf tea and quite a choice of it: from black and green tea blends, to scented teas, to different infusions and some herbal tea options. So if you have an upset stomach, simply want to try something new or know precisely what you want (like me in this case), you can all find it there.

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