Best Tea and Cakes in Bruges!

Are you planning a visit to Belgium? The most popular tourist destination Bruges is known for romantic boat rides in its canals. But last time I went there, I’ve spotted a tea room truly worth a visit! Gingerbread Tea Room is located just a few steps away from the main city square, so be sure to leave tourist crowds and take one of those narrow streets.

A family-run tea room is a great choice for those hungry and thirsty. The staff is very friendly and doesn’t spare a piece of advice if you’re in doubt to choose a freshly baked cake. In fact, you don’t even have to order a cake because hot drinks come with free brownies! As we didn’t know that and ordered some cakes, the owner was very nice to pack us some home-made brownies. To my joy, Gingerbread Tea Room offers a list of loose leaf tea blends that one can also buy. I’ve fallen in love with their white tea blend and bought some for home 🙂

Here are some moments from a very British-like tea house in Bruges!

Gingerbread Tea Room in Bruges

Gingerbread Tea Room in Bruges

Gingerbread Tea Room in Bruges

Gingerbread Tea Room in Bruges

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