Which Tea Strainer and Why?

If you drink loose tea regularly, this question must have crossed your mind and not once. If you don’t drink, this could be the reason why you’re still hesitating on trying it. Loose leaf tea is better to drink, but compared to bagged tea, not so convenient to use. Yet, there are ways to prepare a cup of loose tea using different filter methods: from serving it in teapots with filters to using paper filters or metal strainers. The last is probably the most popular type of tea strainer that helps to get rid of leaves easily after steeping. A simple rule of thumb is the wider and deeper the strainer, the more space tea leaves have to fully uncurl for the best taste!

"Genmaicha Tea in Infuser" by Matt GibsonUploaded by Gothick at en.wikipedia
“Genmaicha Tea in Infuser” by Matt Gibson. Uploaded by Gothick at en.wikipedia

Tea egg/tea ball

A metal ball which you open to fill it with tea leaves. It usually has a short chainlet to hold the ball and to take it out when done. My experience: easy to use from the first glance, yet I always had troubles to properly close the ball… So before you buy one make sure to test it to see if you like it.

Spoon-shaped tea infuser

One of my favorites! Very handy and similar to the tea egg, but with a much better handle resembling a spoon. Simply press the Thermo-glass cups with tea infusershandle to open, add your favorite tea leaves and let it dive into the water. My experience: convenient, but at times not easy to wash and they tend to break after some time – especially if you have other people who aren’t familiar washing them for you 🙂

Tea cups with infusers

All-in-one solution is perfect for those looking for something quick. If you don’t have a bunch of favorite cups bought or given by friends for your birthdays, you might just want to buy a cup with a built-in infuser. Fast, practical and sustainable.

Paper filters

I’d call this an old-fashioned, but classy way of filtering tea leaves. The only real downside is that you will always run out of filters and will need to buy them occasionally. So why not save some coins and get a metal strainer instead?

Robots, monkeys, dancers, ducks, hearts and other crazy shaped infusers

They look awesome, I know! And they are indeed. This is why I recommend buying one of these fun tea infusers as gifts – it can be a perfect excuse for your friend to start drinking loose leaf tea. Having a little colorful umbrella, a yellow submarine or even a titanic sinking in your cup just makes you want to go and make a cup of tea!

More cool ideas to inspire you are on Pinterest and Bored Panda and 1 Design per Day.

My choice

Call me boring, but this metal tea strainer is wide, big and easy to clean. Also, perfect for large tea leaves to spread in the water!

Metail tea strainer

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