Matcha in Paris

Ready to taste matcha at Maison de Thé in Paris

Rue Mouffetard might not be the first place you go to when in Paris, but it’s definitely worth getting lost there. That’s how I’ve discovered Maison de Thé (The House of Tea).

Colorful tea kettles on the window and guests chattering inside holding cups of tea promising the place will be good. And it was. After having a small talk with the owner about Japanese tea, we decide to sit down for a bowl (yes, not a cup) of matcha.

Green tea powder was something very unusual for my taste. Bitter, but leaving a strong refreshing note. Real taste, thus, rather expensive as a bowl of this tea was 7 EUR  whereas a small 15 grams box costs approx. 15 EUR. Before you drink matcha, however, you must use a special bamboo whisk to stir up the powder in the water. This adds another 8 EUR to the whole preparing and drinking ceremony.

Bamboo whisk for matcha

Matcha is beneficial for your health. They say that the level of antioxidants in this type of tea is at least 3 times greater and also easier to absorb than in usual leaf teas. Believe it or not, but you can also use matcha in baking cakes as the owner shared her secret. It’s finely milled and the beautiful green grass color of this tea makes your cakes look quite a surprise. You can use it to flavor an ice cream dessert or color your sushi as well. Voilà!

Maison de Thé - the cozy tea house in the 5th arrondissement in Paris

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